Anti-Slip Bath Safety Circles

U ntil recently I had a bath mat and no matter what I did, the bath mat would always attract mould and grime. I tried sticking the bath mat on the bathroom wall after each use, but it would still get mouldy and horrible.

When I heard about anti-slip circles, I was curious to try them since they have been recommended by Ideal Home, Good Housekeeping, 25 Beautiful Homes and Your Home magazine.

Non Slip Bath are specialists in anti-slip bath safety stickers designed to help prevent slips in the bath or shower.

Anti-Slip Bath Safety Circles (RRP £13.99) are 3.5cm white self-adhesive circles with a textured surface, which are stuck directly onto the bath. The pack comes with 28 white circles and a fitting template.

Non slip circles were very easy to apply. I just followed the simple instructions.

The first step was to make sure the bath surface was dry, clean and free of any dirt or grease, nothing like a good old scrub to remove any dirt.

Anti-slip bath comes with a fitting template, so once I poked through the centre of the crosses with a sharp pencil, I placed the template in the bath.

I stick down the template with sticky tape to mark a small cross through the hole to indicate the position for each circle.

When I removed the template, I just applied the non-slip circles to the bath. In case you prefer, you could also tailor the pattern to suit your bath.

I have been trying anti-slip bath safety circles and I’m very impressed so far. There is no messy or mouldy bath mat in bathroom.

I am pleased that little man can get in and out of the bath on his own without slipping or falling.

Now I understand why anti-slip bath safety circles have been recommended by so many magazines.

Non slip circles are recommended for older people, young families, those with a physical disability or anyone wanting to make their bathroom safer.

Anti-slip circles are a great alternative to bath mats!

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