Zoflora Summer Bouquet and Zoflora Country Garden

Ever since I tried Zoflora Bluebell Woods during Spring, I became a fan and I have been using it. However now I have a new Zoflora favourite scent: Country Gardens.

Zoflora is a multi-use product with 3-1 action: it kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses, eliminates odours and has a long-lasting effect. It can be used on floors, tiles, baths, drains, worktops, sinks, toilets and potties.

Inspired by the nation’s love for garden fragrances, Zoflora has launched two new scents – Country Garden and Summer Bouquet.

The smell of garden flowers are known to be the source of many pleasant recollections and the way that your home smells is just as important. Zoflora’s new fragrances will invigorate and delight people’s senses by bringing the warm and vibrant smells of British Country Gardens and Summer Bouquets into our homes.

The new fragrances from Zoflora’s triple-action disinfectant range Summer Bouquet and Country Garden are perfect for all areas of the home.

Zoflora’s Summer Bouquet captures the scent of wild flowers with a hint of rose on a British Summer’s day. Summer Bouquet is a modern, romantic fragrance that will delight your senses by bringing the scent of pretty summer flowers to your home.

Summer Bouquet smells gorgeous, as the name suggests, it smells just like a beautiful bunch of flowers in a summer day!

Zoflora’s Country Garden infuses the scent of pretty country garden flowers and orchard blossoms.

Country Garden is like taking a charming walk through the countryside past cottages with wild flowers, catching a hint of rose, blossom and an abundance of fresh country air.

I really like the new Summer Bouquet scent, but Country Garden is my favourite. It reminds me of a peaceful and relaxing walk in the country.

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