My Top 3 Tips for Taking Photos of Children

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I love taking photos of my little boy, it is always a challenge though. He doesn’t stay still for a very long time and he gets distracted easily. In order to help you to catch your little one’s best smile, I am sharing my tips with you.

My top 3 tips for taking photos of children:

  • Don’t ask your little one to pose:
Photo taken at Breakfast
Photo taken at Breakfast

I find that spontaneous photos are always the nicest, so don’t worry about asking them to pose, or smile or be in a certain position.

By experience, I found out that usually they tend to do the opposite! The more relaxed and comfortable your little one is, the better the picture will turn out.

I love this photo, it was taken while my little was having breakfast. Such a natural and gorgeous picture!

  • Tell a joke:
Photo during Nursery Run
Photo during Nursery Run

Usually I try and take hidden pictures of my little boy, but he is growing up and becoming very good at spotting the camera. It is nearly impossible to take hidden photos now.

Instead of trying to conceal the camera, I focus on making him smile by telling a joke or being silly. As I’m about to finish the joke, I take the photo. If I wait until the joke finishes, the smile will be gone!

I really like this photo taken during the nursery run. I made a silly comment, little man started giggling and I took this picture!

  • Make it part of your routine:
Photo on the Train
Photo on the Train

I want my little boy to think that taking photos and having photos taken is natural, so I don’t make a big deal out of it. Instead, I make it part of our routine. I would take a few photos while we are out and about, when we are busy baking and even when we are just relaxing, not doing anything.

I also ask him to take photos of me and I take photos of him, so we take into turns. My little boy now really likes his photo taken, he keeps asking me to take photos of him all the time.

This photo was taken while we were on the train, just a quick picture of ourselves, but I think little man’ smile is just priceless!

Good Luck taking photos of your little one and please feel free to share your top tips below!

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