The White Company Bedroom Challenge.

A couple of months ago, I introduced you to The White Company and their range of luxury bedding, home accessories and gifts ideas.

Rachel at is hosting a challenge from The White Company over the festive period – to enter simply by showcasing items from The White Company’s home collections to illustrate how we would style our bedroom over the festive season.

The White Company - Bedroom Interior Design

As it is freezing outside, I would need somewhere nice and warm to feel cosy and comfortable. This is my ideal bedroom interior design over the festive season using bed linen items from The White Company. I would style my bedroom with gorgeous bed linen from the Montebello Collection and Hungarian Goose Down Duvet. To add a touch of warmth, I would add a Luxury Faux Fur Throw and a couple of matching cushions.

I love candles, so the Four Seasons Mini Candle Collection would add a touch of glamour and make my bedroom smell lovely at the same time.

As the nights are quite long during winter, I would need an Antique Cut Glass Table Lamp when reading my bedtime book. Carlton Triple Mirror would give a touch of elegance to my bedroom, while Mother of Pearl Photo Frame would keep my dearest memories of the sunny days with my family.

My bedroom over the festive season looks far too warm and cosy, so I might lose the time and forget to wake up, so Large Karlsson Alarm Clock would remind me that I can’t spend all day having a lie in.

This is my entry for The White Company Christmas Bedroom Competition

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