Weekend Fun: Free Park Adventurer Activity Sheet

My Little Adventurer

We’ve been having a lovely week playing in the snow, but we could only stay outside for a short while as it’s been so cold.

There is a fun activity sheet available at 1926 Wood Flooring website, it was designed to learn about trees and the outdoors. It is suitable for ages 4-8. Little man will be 4 in a few months and he loves exploring outdoors, checking different animals and leaves.

It says about 1926 Park Adventures:

Looking for Animals

“At 1926 we’re passionate about our wood products and we’d like to help our younger generation find out a little bit more about where the wooden items, which they see every day, come from.

A tree’s lifespan takes it from seed, to sapling, to habitat for wildlife before it ends up in your home. Our Park Adventures game will open up discussions about the natural resources children see around them and help them understand how we use them.

Wood Flooring Whatever the weather, Britain’s parks are a great, safe place to learn about nature. Help your child on his/ her quest around your local park or playground and follow the instructions on the sheet. The game will have them collecting items from around the park, answering questions and exploring. With your help, your child should reach the finish line with a better understanding of what trees do and how they fit into our local ecosystems: they’ll also have lots of fun!”

It is a fun game, you only need a pen or pencil, a colour crayon, some wipes and a sense of adventure.

You can download the activity sheet here.

Hope you and your little adventurer have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Park Adventurer

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