Trunki Gruffalo Chums: Wash Bag and Wrist Purse

Trunki Gruffalo Chums
Trunki Gruffalo Chums

My little boy is already a Trunki fan!

We have previously reviewed SnooziHedz during our summer holiday to Brazil.

We used Dudley the Dinosaur a lot during our holiday and we still use it in England. He loves his cute pillow and blanket!

We all know and love Trunki ride-on suitcase, the clever pack, ride and pull along suitcases that children put all their travelling essentials in and then ride off.

Gruffalo Wash Bag
Gruffalo Wash Bag

However Trunki doesn’t have only suitcases, it has a wide range of innovative travel products designed to make family travel easier.

Trunki has a selection of Trunki Extras, which are innovative travel accessories for your journey, including SnooziHedz and Gruffalo Chums.

Gruffalo Chums (RRP £14.99) is a very handy wash bag and mouse wrist purse.

My little boy loves the Gruffalo, so he was delighted when he saw his Gruffalo wash bag.

Gruffalo Wash Bag
Gruffalo Wash Bag

The neoprene wash bag comes with soft felt ears and it is ideal for travel toiletries.

We are going away in a couple of weeks, so little man wanted to check whether how much he could fit in the wash bag.

I am pleased to say that his toothbrush, toothpaste and face cloth fit nicely and there was still plenty of space left for toiletries.

It is a good size bag, without being bulky. The Gruffalo wash bag comes in a perfect size for little ones’ hands to hold.

Mouse Wrist Purse
Mouse Wrist Purse

The adorable mouse purse fastens around little wrists with Velcro with plenty of space for pocket money.

Little man already told me that he will keep his money safely in his wrist purse when we go on holiday.

Gruffalo Chums is made of water-friendly neoprene and it is hand washable.

When you are not travelling, the wash bag can also be used as a bath toy.

Guffalo Chums by Trunki
Guffalo Chums by Trunki

Both the Gruffalo wash bag and mouse wrist purse have adorable character detail – they are really cute!

I loved the idea of little man having his own wash bag. It teaches him from an early age to look after his belongings.

Usually I pack his toiletries all together with our toiletries, but from now on, he will be having his toiletries separately.

Trunki Gruffalo Chums
Trunki Gruffalo Chums

Little man is feeling all grown up and independent with his Gruffalo Chums!

Gruffalo Chums is perfect for little ones – it is sweet, colourful and very useful!

Besides, the cute Gruffalo wash bag and mouse wrist purse make a lovely present!

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The product was provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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