Siro-A Tour in London: Technodelic Visual Show

Siro-A Technodelic Visual Show
Siro-A Technodelic Visual Show

A couple of weekends ago, we had the pleasure of attending Siro-A Technodelic Visual Show in Leicester Square Theatre in London.

Although we watched the youtube video before the show, we were not too sure what to expect and whether we would all enjoy it as a family.

I must say we all loved it, and within only a few minutes, we were convinced that Siro-A was one of the best shows we have ever seen.

"Tube-man" in Siro-A
“Tube-man” in Siro-A

When we arrived at the theatre, a “tube-man” walked around and greeted the audience, making us feel very welcome.

Then he started filming the audience with a live feed to a large screen, adding funny animations to a few people from the crowd. It was quite entertaining and we started laughing before the show started.

"Tube-man" in Siro-A
“Tube-man” in Siro-A

If you haven’t heard of SIRO-A, it is an exciting six strong performance group from Sendai, Japan, who have wowed audiences all over the world and are now, for the first time, bringing their unique performance style to London.

The name SIRO-A, derived from the Japanese word ‘SIRO’ meaning white or colourless, means to belong to no group or impossible to define. And tough to define they are!

Siro-A perfectly fuse modern technology with mime, breath-taking optical illusions, movement and comedy all set to a pulsating electro beat.

Siro-A Performers
Siro-A Performers

This visually stunning show performed to 30,000 people at the Shanghai Expo and won the Spirit of the Fringe award at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival. Spectacular family entertainment fusing video mapping, laser lights and on stage DJ’s to create entertainment for the next generation.

Now for the first time SIRO-A bring their physical extravaganza to London to the main house of the Leicester Square Theatre from 1st Feb – 22nd April 2013.

It felt like we were out clubbing as there was a clever mix of electronic tunes by the live DJs at their decks onstage.

Siro-A is a very clever show, it makes references to several well-known brands and computer games. The animated human performances are amazing and we have never seen anything like it before.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed watching Siro-A and it is highly recommended for a fun family day out in London. Tickets can be purchased from

You can follow Siro-A on Twitter and Siro-A on Facebook.

Check out their Youtube video too!

Tickets were provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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