Pepsi Max & Dynamo Present: Card Teleport #LiveForNow

I must say I love magic tricks, and I have a habit of watching it all over again to try and figure out how they do it. The beauty of it is that I’ve never managed to figure out how it is done, so it is still magical and beyond me!

One of my favourite magicians is Dynamo, I have watched nearly every single episode of “Dynamo: Magician Impossible”, I just love how his incredible skills of illusion and how he amazes everyone whenever he goes.

Dynamo Pepsi Max Dynamo has done it all, from Matrix-style levitations to transforming snow into diamonds in the Austrian mountains. He has also performed tricks for street kids on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, and walked down the side of a building in Los Angeles.

Dynamo and Pepsi Max have launched a “Live for Now” campaign, and one of his tricks is Card Teleport. Dynamo dazzled the crowds at Yahoo! Wireless with his trick. Check out their reaction in the video below:


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