The Happy Badger Visited Us and Breast Cancer Care

Lilinha Angel’s World received a very special visit from the Appliance Online Happy Badger. After reading Mummy to the Max’s blog post, I decided to get involved too.

Although badgers have a bit of a reputation as grumpy critters, the Happy Badger has chosen to devote himself to spreading happiness as far across the blogosphere as possible.

Basically, the Happy Badger is looking for bloggers who can help spread the news about a charity they care about, and the Happy Badger makes a donation of £50 to their charity of choice.

My chosen charity is Breast Cancer Care, and I have previously been involved in raising funds for Breast Cancer Care and I managed to raise over £300.

Breast Cancer Care combines the personal experiences of people affected by breast cancer with clinical expertise, using this in a unique way to provide information and offer emotional and practical support. It brings together people affected by breast cancer, campaigns for improvement in standards of support and care, and promotes the importance of early detection.

Unfortunately we experienced breast cancer in our family. My mother in law suffered with breast cancer for a few years and she sadly lost her battle five years ago. Cancer is a very delicate and sad subject, however we can’t avoid talking about it. Instead of ignoring this important subject, we should try and diagnose it at early stages and fight it.

A massive thank you to the Happy Badger for helping Breast Cancer Care to save lives. If you are a blogger and you would like to be visited by the Happy Badger, please visit to help your charity of choice.

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