If I Could Turn Back Time…

Little man started school a few days ago and I had to take some time off work during the settling in period until he is full-time at school. We were looking forward to him starting school and we were getting ready, from buying uniforms to a new look for his big day.

However it all happened to quick, suddenly the day arrived and it was official, little man started school and overnight I became a mother of a school boy. How did it happen? I saw it coming, but it was all so sudden…

Overall, I have been thoroughly enjoying motherhood over the past four years, I have been learning each day how to be a better mum, but this milestone in little man’s life left me wondering whether I would change anything if I had the chance to.

Little Man as a Baby
Little Man as a Baby

If I could turn back time…

I would cuddle my little baby so tight for as long as I wanted to, without the fear of him getting too attached to me.

I would give him one extra kiss each night before putting him to bed.

I would try and not lose my patience when he asked me “Why mummy why?” over and over again.

I would give him one extra sweet when he was being a good boy.

I would let him stay up late a few evenings so we could enjoy a family movie night.

I think I’ve been a bit too strict over the past few years, but he’s only four, so I still have time to change and loosen up a bit.

I started wondering all of this when I saw little man at the playground on his first day at school…

Little Man Now
Little Man Now

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