Little Man’s New Look for his Big Day!

Little man will be starting school tomorrow, I think I’ve said it a few times lately, but somehow I still can’t believe that my little boy will be going to big school. I keep repeating it to convince myself, even though I’ve done a Back to School Guide and all, it hasn’t sunk in yet!

When did he grow up? I still see him as my little baby boy, even though he is already 4! Today we spent the day getting ready for his very first day at big school:

Labelling uniforms – check

Haircut – check

Little Man Having a Haircut
Little Man Having a Haircut

My little boy’s curls were chopped off this afternoon and I got a bit emotional at the barbers. He looks so grown up with short hair, and part of me doesn’t want him to grow up. I must say he was a very good boy, he sat patiently and didn’t move while the barbers cut his hair, I’m proud of my little boy.

Little Man's New Look
Little Man’s New Look

That’s how he looked before with long hair and now with short hair. I think he looks very different, I’m not used to his short hair yet, and part of me wants his hair to grow long again. I suppose it will be easier to get ready in the morning with his new haircut.

That’s how he will look in the morning with his school uniform (without the long hair, of course). Little man is really into letters and numbers, we spend most of the day spelling and writing, so fingers crossed he will do well at school.

Little Man Ready for School
Little Man Ready for School

Hope you have a great first day at school little man. Mummy loves you and I will be the first mummy at the gates to pick you up xx

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