Bye Bye Home Appliances!

It all happened so quick, never had time to say goodbye

It only took a sudden power cut, and you were gone

Bye Bye Home Appliances!

We had a great time together, but now you are gone…


Our fridge is now empty, it no longer works

It still holds lovely photos

But a few days ago, it was full of life

What’s on my fridge? Food and surprise!

What's on my Fridge?
RIP Fridge

Our microwave would make lovely porridges

Heat up our food and melt chocolate for cupcakes

Bye bye little microwave


Our washing machine has always been so kind

Sadly it is now broken

It kept our clothes fresh and bright


On Friday 27th September, a power surge broke several home appliances in our neighbourhood, it affected our area and, as a result, we lost several home appliances. Sadly nobody wants to take the blame, apparently it is not the electricity company, nor the distributor or the council’s fault. So who will replace our broken appliances?! We will be praying that it will get sorted soon as it is painful living without essential home appliances.

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