New Year, Clean House with Ora Kitchen Towel

I can’t believe it’s nearly mid-January already. We had such a lovely Christmas with our family, it was great having so many visitors staying with us for Christmas, sharing tasty meals and spending quality time together. Now our Christmas guests have come and gone, it’s time to do some cleaning and tidying up around the house.

I was sent a pack of Ora Kitchen Towels, available exclusively at Tesco, each towel is folded and stacked separately. Unlike the one continuous roll of perforated sheets that we are used to, Ora’s individually folded sheets mean you need only one hand to pick up a single sheet, clean up the mess and bin it immediately. Not only is it more economic – use one sheet when you would usually grab two or three – but there are no wet or sticky fingerprints left behind.

I really like the round design of the sheets and they fact that they are individually folded. Hubby usually gets a couple of sheets whenever he needs to use the roll of kitchen towel, now he’s got no excuses as each sheet of Ora Kitchen Towel comes separately.

New Year, Clean House with Ora Kitchen Towel
New Year, Clean House with Ora Kitchen Towel

And, to ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste in a short space of time, why not follow Ora New Year Cleaning Resolutions, ensuring a tidier home all year round:


There are basic chores which you should do on a daily basis to keep your home looking neat, tidy and welcoming – and they shouldn’t take too long to complete.

Make your bed, put your breakfast dishes in the dishwasher or wash-up.  Don’t leave in the sink all day!  Ensure the kids tidy away their toys before bedtime.  Give your work surfaces a wipe down with a sheet of Ora and anti-bacterial spray every evening, and finally brush your kitchen floor removing crumbs and other debris that might have gathered.  Easy!


Keep on top of the dust and dirt by giving your house a through once over weekly.  Assign yourself a few hours to getting those jobs done.

Start with changing the bed-linen and towels, dust the house and vacuum – paying greater attention to the high traffic areas.

Give your bathroom its sparkle back, wiping the mirrors and shower doors.  Disinfect the sink area and toilet and finish with a squirt of bleach under the toilet rim.  The kitchen is possibly the room which gets the dirtiest quickest, but the key is to keep on top of any spills or splashes by wiping immediately.   When hands are wet there’s no need to waste sheets trying to tear them off the roll, with Ora you can easily use one hand to lift a sheet off of the top of the pack.

On a weekly basis, give the fridge, oven and microwave etc a once over.  Scrub your stove and wipe all your cupboards and their handles. All can be done with a packet of Ora, so you just throw away when finished, ensuring no spread of bacteria.

Ora Kitchen Towel
Ora Kitchen Towel


If you keep on top of your weekly cleaning, then your house should be looking spick and span, but as we all know there is always something else which needs tackling!  So why not draw up a (short!) list of jobs which should only really need doing on a monthly basis.

Start with cleaning your windows – interior and exterior.  Grab a sheet of Ora and a bucket of warm soapy water and off you go.  And don’t forget to clean the light fittings.  Nowadays, the convenience of only needing one hand to grab a sheet of Ora from the roll means, the days of standing on a ladder trying to balance and tear off a sheet of regular kitchen towel is over!

Why not pull the sofa out and give the floor a good vacuum behind.  I bet you’ll find that missing toy as well!  And, while the hoover is out, vacuum down the sofa using the soft upholstery brush.

The innovative stacking system allows Ora to fit twice the number of sheets as you’d find on a traditional roll – so that’s fewer shopping trips, better value for money and more space on your kitchen worktop.

Ora Standard Stack Kitchen Towel is available at RRP £1.89, exclusively at Tesco. For more information, please check

The product was provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.


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