Tot-ally Dream Job Vacancy Launched: The UK’s First Toddler Holiday Tester

Earlier this week, I shared the news that Butlins launched a new holiday for family with little ones: Butlins Just For Tots. We had an amazing time at our Family Holiday at Butlins Bognor Regis, I can only just imagine how great a Just For Tots holiday would be.

When I thought things couldn’t get any better, Job-seekers across the UK got a boost today as a dream job vacancy has just been announced – as a UK beach holiday tester.

However the applicants will have to fulfil one very important criteria – and it’s not about experience or qualifications. This is a dream job with a difference – it’s only open to the under-fives.  Toddler takes on the Butlins boardroom to launch the search to f

Butlins, the UK company which has been adding sparkle to family breaks for over 75 years, is launching its search for a ‘Butlins Breaks (High)Chairman’ to join its team. The successful candidate will be taken from ‘bored to board’, as the youngest ever member to join the Butlins management team, sitting alongside MD Dermot King.

The primary role of the (High)Chairman will be to lead the team on the new  Just for Tots range of breaks. Launching this April, Just for Tots are little breaks with big adventures, where everything from the accommodation and food right through to the entertainment and activities have been designed solely with younger children in mind.
Butlins Toddler 2
The (High)Chairman will be responsible for road-testing the inaugural break  from the tot’s point of view, from putting star acts such as Angelina Ballerina™ through her paces to trying out Annabel Karmel’s new range of tot-friendly dishes, with a more discerning palate than Michel Roux Jnr.

The candidate will also be responsible for working up a number of recommendations for the breaks based on their experience, which will be implemented across all breaks moving forward to ensure these are curated by tots, for tots.

Other feedback criteria include:

  • Bounciness of the beds
  • Cuddliness of the characters
  • Splashiness of the water
  • Slipperiness of the slides

To apply for this job, the candidate (or their PA-rent) must submit a CV of no more than 100 words to, outlining their suitability for the role and any previous experience. The closing date for applications is Friday 7th February 2014.

Of the new vacancy, Butlins MD Dermot King said: “We are eager to find the next Lord Sugar to join our team as (High)Chairman – though hopefully not as scary! We are committed to making our new ‘Just for Tots’ breaks the best they can be with every element looked at from a tots point of view – and who better to tell us if we got this right than a tot?

“We’re looking forward to our new team member getting stuck in straightaway and we take our commitment to their feedback very seriously – if it’s not fun, it’s not in.”

Job Description:

Job title: Butlins (High)Chairman

Contract: 4 nights on a ‘Just for Tots’ break at a Butlins resort of toddler’s choice

Salary: A fun family holiday – one PA-rent essential, sibling assistants welcome

Benefits: Endless fun and entertainment


Background information:

The Candidate

Key attributes and experience for this role:

  •  At least 2 year’s experience of having fun
  •  Strong leadership ability, demonstrated through practice of bossing mum and dad about
  • Ability to laugh uncontrollably at the littlest things
  • Years of experience of getting really messy and not losing focus on the task in hand
  • A good understanding of and years of research into leading industry figures such as Mike The Knight™, Thomas & Friends™ and Angelina Ballerina™

I can’t think of a better job, if only I was under 5 again… 🙂

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