Kids Book: Hold that Thought, Milton!

As part of Parragon Book Buddy, we receive new children’s books on a regular basis, and this month we have received Hold that Thought Milton.

Hold that Thought Milton (RRP £5.99) is a brand new humorous picture book written by award winning author Linda Ravin Lodding and illustrator Ross Collins. Little man enjoyed reading it as he could identify himself with the main character Milton, a young boy with a lot on his mind.

Kids Book: Hold That Thought, Milton
Kids Book: Hold That Thought, Milton

Milton tried to get everyone’s attention and say something important, however he struggles to get anyone to listen to him on the day before Aunt Lulu’s wedding and everyone keeps saying ‘Hold that thought, Milton!’

Milton’s pet frog Burp then suddenly disappears and Milton desperately races to find him. Milton’s head is so full of worries that it isn’t long before his thoughts start to escape. As Milton tries to hold his thoughts, something truly mind-boggling begins to happen.

Hold That Thought, Milton
Hold That Thought, Milton

Little man and I both enjoyed reading Milton’s adventures trying to find Burp. Little man usually has a lot to say and enjoys sharing his thoughts, I must admit that sometimes I ask him to ‘wait a minute’ or suggest him to ‘tell me later’ when I’m in the middle of something. However I saw the comical tale as a reminder that we should spare a few minutes to listen to little ones’ tales and stories.

The whole book would have a very different outcome if someone let Milton talk, instead of asking him to hold his thought, over and over again. Such a lovely book, it highlights the importance of children sharing their thoughts and concerns.

The product was provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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