Meaning of Fairness and Loyalty #HelloNatWest

One of little man’s favourite sentence is ‘That’s not fair!’ Usually he says it when something happens and he is not very pleased with it. He usually says it if I interrupt what he is doing, he would say it is not fair if I ask him to sit down for dinner while he is watching TV, or if perhaps I tell him it is time for shower while he is colouring in. To him, fairness has a similar meaning to ‘why do I have to do it now?’

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Meaning of Fairness and Loyalty

As a mum, I believe it is very important to teach little man the meaning of fairness and loyalty. Sometimes in life we might need to do things we don’t want to, or when we would prefer to do something else. Throughout the years, I have learnt that fairness has a different meaning to little man’s meaning of it. Fairness is an unbiased judgement, and according to the dictionary, it is ‘the quality of making judgements that are free from discrimination’.

I am loyal to my family and friends, and I respect them. I am teaching little man to do the same, to treat everyone with love and respect, no matter their age, sex, religion or race. We treasure fairness and loyalty, and we remain loyal to those that treat us fairly. The same applies to businesses and brands, we are usually loyal to companies that respect us and treat us fairly.

Walking Along the Beach
Walking Along the Beach

When I arrived in the UK at the young age of 18, I went to NatWest to open my very first bank account. Over a decade has gone by and I am still banking with NatWest, I am enjoying it even more since I found out the benefits of NatWest Mobile Banking.

As a loyal NatWest customer, I was pleased to find out that NatWest is including existing customers to best offers. It is a shame that so many companies, banks, telephone and broadband providers, seem to forget about existing customers and reward only new ones with special deals and rates.

 However NatWest is waving goodbye to this practice, and saying hello existing customers enjoying the same benefits as new ones in NatWest Hello/Goodbye campaign. As a customer, I will be saying hello to simpler, clearer and fairer banking, goodbye to new customer getting the best deals. Hello to fairer credit card rates, and goodbye to surprise overdraft charges.

Check out this funny video from NatWest: #ThatSofa Fairness Experiment. 

It is sad, but it is exactly what happens with many companies. Once they have your custom, their forget about you and only worry about attracting new customers and tempting them with exclusive offers and special deals.

I just love how NatWest have changed their way of looking after customers. That’s what I call being fair, and as a thank you, I shall keep being a loyal customer.

This post has been written in collaboration with Britmums and Natwest, however the opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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