Exude Good Fashion: The All-Natural Way

If you want to look good day in, day out, your beauty regime has to become an exact science. Plucking, preening and coiffing to perfect your look is paramount – even more so than the clothes you wear.

You’ve probably met the type of person who can look great while wearing nothing more glamorous than a bin bag across their waist. They exude a glow that seems natural, like a soft focus lens follows them wherever they go.

But that glow isn’t an unattainable halo – it’s the product of hard graft and a healthy diet. That’s why we’ve come up with a few alterations to your beauty regime that will give you a wonderful glow – no matter what you’re wearing. Mineral Make-up

Let’s get mineral

If your morning makeup ritual is packed with high street products, then it’s high-time you bunged them in the bin and started over.

Cheaper cosmetics are, after all, what drags pores into an abyss of spots and blemishes, especially if your skin is prone to allergic reactions.

Invest in mineral foundation to avoid all those nasty chemicals and have far cleaner skin. No longer will you have to put up with foundation that looks caked on. Instead, you’ll enjoy an even tone that will inject your skin with some life.


H2O explosion

Water is the key to glowing skin (unless you’re planning to be perpetually pregnant), yet so many people avoid drinking it.

Instead, they plough through litres of Diet Coke, Irn-Bru or any other fizzy gunk. These are the types of drinks that produce more spots on your skin than stripes on a zebra.

The reason for this falls down to blood circulation. The more water you drink, the quicker your blood flows. This, in turn, leads to that charming glow.

Stick to the average, around eight glasses a day, and you’ll have a glamorous aura wherever you go.  

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Your 15 a day

Standing up from the couch to exercise can sometimes feel about as appealing as a dinner date with Piers Morgan. But a full-body workout doesn’t have to be a rigorous bout from hell. With the right time limit, it could even be fun.

Begin by working out for 15 minutes a day, enough of a workout to build up a sweat, but not enough to leave you pooped.

As the weeks go by, you’ll find your exercise itch will increase. You’ll soon be desperate to add an extra five minutes to your workout time, then another five, and so on. Pretty soon you’ll have built up enough time to match the discipline of a premier fashion model.

Ultimately, glamour doesn’t stem from finely cut couture, but healthy eating and plenty of exercise. So get to it for an all-natural fashionable appearance.

This post has been written by Paul Watson.

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