My First 1,000 Days as a New Mum #babyfirsts

Becoming a mum is an unforgettable experience. I still remember as if it was today when I found out I was pregnant. We were very excited that we would be starting a family and we couldn’t wait to meet our new baby.

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I started getting ready for little man’s arrival by attending antenatal groups, chatting to other mums and asking my mum for advice and tips. It was helpful, however nothing truly prepares you for your baby’s arrival.

Lilinha Pregnant

During the first 1,000 days, from pregnancy until little man’s second birthday, our journey together was full of priceless first moments: the first time I noticed a bump in the mirror, the first time I felt him moving in my belly…

The first time I saw him, the first time I held him, the first time I changed his little man’s nappy, the first time he smiled, his first word, the first time he crawled, the first time he walked.

So many little moments that made my experience as a new mum unforgettable.

Little man as a baby

A new research conducted by the UK’s largest parent charity NCT and supported by Pampers, highlighted challenges faced by parents and how parenting roles have changed over the years.

Before giving birth, we were warned that we would have little sleep as soon as the baby arrived. Luckily little man slept very well since he came home from hospital and we never had any problems. However around a third of 1,000 first-time parents surveyed revealed that sleep problems, such as night waking and disturbed sleep, persisted throughout the first 1,000 days.

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I really enjoyed spending the first few months at home with little man, but I had to go back to full-time work at the end of maternity leave. The same happened 80% of the women surveyed, which return to employment after giving birth, while looking after their babies.

I am blessed hubby is very hands-on and loves getting involved in everyday tasks and activities. As I had an emergency caesarean, he would do most of the nappy changes during the first few weeks. According to the research, over two thirds of dads share the responsibility of caring for their baby at night. I must say hubby was great at picking up little man from the cot, bringing him over to me so I could breastfeed him, then hubby would change his nappies and putting him back to sleep.

I loved having a cuddly newborn and our journey of firsts was priceless. In the video above, Pampers shared its newborn journey of firsts, which celebrates the special first time moments that we experience in our journey of parenthood.

What are your priceless first moments with your baby?

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