Three Course Meal with George Foreman Evolve Grill #LoveGeorgeEvolve

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the new George Foreman Evolve grill at a Blogger Cookalong event and I was very impressed to find out that the family sized 5 portion grill can make pizzas, waffles and even steaks.

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Although we usually associate George Foreman with grilled chicken, it has undergone a makeover recently and it is much more than just a grill. At the hands-on Blogger Cookalong with George Foreman cooking expert Emma, we had the opportunity to explore the new exciting features while preparing a three-course meal.

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For starters, we prepared black and white seared sesame seed tuna with Asian Salad. The tuna was cooked in the non-stick grilling plates in only a few minutes by using the searing function.

As there are two hot plates, one at the bottom and another at the top, you don’t need to turn around the food, making the whole process much quicker.

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The Evolve features an intense 260 degree searing function for 90 seconds, which is perfect to make from char-grilled rare to well done steaks. The angled grill plates allow oil and fat to drain easily, straight into the dip tray.

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For main course, we made beetroot and broccoli pizza by removing the grilling plates and swapping them for the deep bake pan. The pizza was beautifully cooked and I had no idea it would be possible to make pizzas, omelettes, casseroles and brownies on George Foreman Evolve!

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To finish off our delicious meal, we had apricot and rosemary skewers. The apricot was cooked on the grilling plates for a couple of minutes, and it was very tasty.

George Foreman 6

The removable ceramic plate system is very convenient, you can easily clean the plates after each use with a warm wet cloth and even put them in the dishwasher. You can even make waffles by purchasing the waffle plates, we tried grilled fresh fruit on waffles, and also smoked salmon and cream cheese waffle canapes and they were delicious!

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George Foreman Evolve features dual LED display with digital times and variable temperature. It comes with two ceramic coated grill plates and one non-stick coated deep pan. It is very easy to use, versatile and convenient, and perfect to make quick and nutritious family meals. It is my first George Foreman and I love it!

George Foreman Evolve is available at RRP £149.99. For more information please check:

I was under no obligation to write this post, just wanted to share my experience. The opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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