Top 5 Popular Myths About Hair Care

Hair care is surrounded not only by various facts we heard from our friends, colleagues, and hairdressers but also with endless myths: do this, do not do that and so on. But how a person can pick up where is the truth and where – fiction? Today we are going to bust five most popular myths about hair care you might heard and explain to you where the real facts are, and there are only silly legends.

Myth No. 1: frequency cut hair tip stimulates hair growth

Sadly, this is only a myth created by some people for some unknown reason. In fact, frequent hair tip cutting has nothing to do with how fast or slow your hair is growing, because hair grows from the scalp (skin) rather than from tips.

But regular trims are actually pretty needed for another reason. If you do this regularly, you will avoid scattered hair ends and help your hair look tidier. If that is not enough, you get a chance to renew yourself for a little bit as well. This is the reason why people are encouraging to cut their hair every two or three months, not because it somehow start growing faster!


Myth No. 2: You need to change shampoos regularly. Otherwise, it will become ineffective

Shampoo actually works depending on the type of it, ingredients it has and purpose it should do. Thus, the need to change shampoo should be only accordingly to your hair condition, the number of time you wash your hair during the weak, time of the year and other factors which have nothing to do with using it too long.

If you want to save your hair color longer, pick shampoo for colored hair, if the hair is drying out – for dry and damaged hair. Or simply choose a moisturizing shampoo. To be fair, if you change your shampoo way too often, even the best and the most expensive shampoos won’t have enough time to make any impact on your hair! So, look for that one amazing shampoo which can do a miracle for you, and don’t be afraid to commit to it! In fact, Amazon is just full of millions shampoo types and brands, so there shouldn’t be a big deal to find the one (especially since these Amazon discount coupons to amazing work reducing prices as well)!

Myth No. 3:  dandruff means that your scalp is dry

In fact, the opposite is true! Yeast species usually cause dandruff, and it can often be found in natural hair oils your scalp makes. Therefore, do not be afraid to wash your hair every other day and so, so your scalp won’t get to dry, and your head won’t be full of dandruff nobody likes. Better select shampoo which fights dandruff and go! Nobody looks good with greasy hair, and you should remember that dandruff doesn’t have anything to do with the way how much you wash your hair.


Myth No. 4: lashed and twisted the hair promotes hair loss

The truth here is pretty simple – hair loss has nothing to do with the way you have your hair, as long as it is not tied or twisted very vigorously and for a longer period of time. If you keep your hair like that, the hair stands tense at the roots and start scrolling, and this is why it looks like you are losing your hair that much. In this case, don’t go too stiff with your hairdos and better create natural and relaxed hair buns or pony tails!

Myth No. 5: regular hair wash directly affects hair loss

This may appear due to the fact that then we are cleaning our heads we usually see bath, shower (or in exceptional cases – the sink) a lot of hair strings everywhere. However, the fact is, that hair is always shifting, it is just that we don’t really notice it that often. If you take more notice, you might realize that your whole house is full of your hair, and constant hair washing has nothing to do with it at all. To be fair, it is natural to lose some hair, it is just then we touch our hair in a shower, we notice a loss of it.  

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