Worry Eaters Helping Little Ones Deal with Worries and Anxiety

Little man is a worrier, I can’t say much as I think he takes after me. He likes planning ahead and organising what is going to happen, but gets frustrated when he is unsure what the future might hold.

As an example, before World Book Day, he lost his sleep as he couldn’t decide which book character he wanted to dress up as. Little things like that might seem very big for him and cause anxiety.
Worry Eater 1

We were sent Worry Eater Flint, a soft toy especially designed to help children to open up about any concerns or worries they may have. Worry Eaters are based on Gerd Hahn’s animation, Sorgenfresser.

They are perfect for eating nightmares and acting as a waste bin for worries and problems of all shapes and sizes, such as being in a bad mood, afraid of spiders and any other troubles little ones might want to share.

Worry Eater 3

No matter what their worry may be, little ones simply need to draw or write their worry on a piece of paper and feed them into the zip mouth of the Worry Eater. 

Not only Worry Eaters are a perfect companion in good and bad times, they are also ideal for keeping channels of communication open in a fun way.

Worry Eater 2

Little man really likes his Worry Eater, suitable for children from 3 years old. The friendly character is cute and colourful, helping little man deal with his fears, anxiety and worries. As a mum, I believe they are a great way of getting little ones to open up about what might be bothering them and helping little ones to deal with worries and anxiety.

Worry Eaters are proven to give comfort and reassurance which can help enable a restful night’s sleep. Furthermore, when the Worry Eater tells the parent about the problems, they can talk to their children about what is bothering them.

Worry Eater Family

This year, Worry Eaters range is growing, with new characters being added, Pat, Sita and Lily, as well as purses, pencil cases and bags being added to the collection.

The product has been received free of charge for review purposes, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and our own.

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