Family Day Out: Fire! Fire! at the Museum of London

The summer holidays are here! We are lucky to live in such an amazing city and really enjoy finding new places to visit.

Fire! Fire Exhibition at the Museum of London

A few days ago, we attended the Fire! Fire! Exhibition at the Museum of London and loved exploring the Great Fire of 1666.

Great Fire 2

Little man learned about the Great Fire at school, so he couldn’t wait to visit the exhibition and find out even more about it.

I was pleased to see that the exhibition is family-friendly and appeals to children of all ages. As soon as you enter, you feel you are going back in time and you are in Pudding Lane.

Great Fire 1

The whole family can step into Pudding Lane to feel what London was like before the fire, discover how it started, why it spread and how it was finally beaten.

Great Fire 10

The multi-sensory exhibition allows visitors to immerse in one of the most infamous disasters through a variety of sights, sounds, smells, textures and interactive activities.

Great Fire 3

The exhibition was hands-on, which kept little man entertained for over an hour. We became detectives and explored items burned in the Great Fire with magnifying glasses.

Great Fire 4

We also had to decide which belongings we would save from the Great Fire! When the disaster happened, time was short and space in the trunk was limited so we could only choose three things. Little man picked cheese, bread and a drink.

Great Fire 5

We had the opportunity to dress up and role play with Great Fire costumes, trying to escape the fire.

There are letters and recordings, so visitors can hear personal tales from people who experienced the blaze.

Great Fire 9

Little man also had a go at rebuilding London using wooden houses. We could decide how the city would be rebuilt and where he would build the houses using the old street plan. 

The Great Fire: Object Handling (Free event)

Great Fire 6

While at the museum, we also took part in other Great Fire activities, such as object handling. We got up and close to history at the object handling table and heard some incredible stories from 1666.

Great Fire of London: Storytelling (Free)

Great Fire 8

Little man really enjoyed sitting back and listening to the tale of the fire at the storytelling session, especially as it was very interactive and children had the opportunity to take part in the story.

Great Fire of London Family Walk

Great Fire 11

After a delicious lunch at the London Wall Bar & Kitchen, in which kids eat free, and a stop at the museum’s gift shop to pick up some beautiful souvenirs, we joined the 45 minute interactive family walk.

We all really enjoyed walking around the streets of London, including Pudding Lane and learning interesting facts about the Great Fire.
Great Fire 12

We had an amazing time at the exhibition and the other Great Fire events! 

If you were at the Great Fire, what would you take? What is most precious to you? Or more useful?

Fire! Fire! Exhibition is open now until 17 April 2017. Tickets are priced from £4 per child (under 5’s go free) and £8 per adult. For more information, please visit:

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