Our #GoJettersGo Party Was a Success!

At the beginning of the week, I told you about our Go Jetters Twitter Party and how excited we were to host it. As you may have noticed on Twitter, we had the party yesterday and loved every moment of it.

Go Jetters 10

In case you haven’t heard about Go Jetters, they are four international heroes, Kyan, Lars, Xuli and Fox, which travel the globe with their friend and mentor Ubercorn, a disco dancing unicorn.

Go Jetters 7

Go Jetters work together to save the world’s most famous landmarks. Little man loves travelling and geography, so he’s a big fan of Go Jetters, just like his friends!

We can definitely say it was a success as there were big smiles all around and everyone had an amazing time. Our guests mentioned that they enjoyed playing with the new Go Jetters toys from Fisher Price and taking part in the party games and activities.

Go Jetters 3

The Go Jetters Jet Pad has everything little ones need to have fun: cool sounds, phrases and theme song, rolling wheels and even a projector which reveals 8 landmark images.

Our guests were surprised when the found the G.O. Boots and G.O. Grab inside the secret room behind the bay doors.

Go Jetters 15

During the party, our guests enjoyed playing with the Go Jetters figures inside the Jet Pad Head Quarters. It’s great that they can all sit down and enjoy all the same time.The jet pad was explored at the same time that location cards were hunted around the house.

Go Jetters 8

The Vroomster also has fun sounds and phrases, including the Go Jetters theme song. The signature vehicle comes with a Kyan figure and the dome lights up when you press the star logo button.

Go Jetters 16

While exploring the Vroomster, our guests played a game with the Go Jetters Vroomster poster, in which they had to place Go Jetters stickers on the poster while blindfolded.

I have a feeling something fishy was going on as all children miraculously managed to place most of the stickers on the seat of the Vroomster, which made it very hard to pick a winner!

Go Jetters 6

Our guests then played Go Jetters Bingo game while exploring the Force Weather Launcher, which un-glitches landmarks using the five weather elements: rain, water, snow, lightning and cloud.

Go Jetters 20

Everyone loved how far the discs were launched, which makes it a perfect indoor and outdoor toy. The bingo game was very popular too and were asked to play it again!

Go Jetters 9

During the party, we also watched the new Go Jetters The Eiffel Tower DVD featuring ten action packed geographical adventures. Our favourite episode was the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Little ones were also busy colouring in and completing activities from the Go Jetters sticker activity book. They also decorated biscuits with plenty of icing!

Go Jetters 14

Not only our guests left with a lovely party bag, there were also prizes for the games: Foz and G.O. Giant and Glitch + Grimbler, which were very popular with the winners!

As you can see, Go Jetters toys are beautifully made, colourful and sturdy. They provided hours of fun during the party. 

The new Fisher Price Go Jetters collection is available at Argos and Smyths. You can watch Go Jetters on weekdays at 7:55am and 5:25pm on CBeebies.

We received a party box in order to host the Twitter Party, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and our own.

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