Beach Fun and Keeping Kids Safe In the Sun

Greetings from sunny Cyprus!

We are currently away in a family holiday, spending our days at the beach, swimming at the sea and building sandcastles.

Cyprus 2

Usually we come to the Cyprus for Easter or in October, when the temperature is in the low 30s. However this is the first time we are here during the summer.

Cyprus 6

I can tell you it’s hot, hot, hot, around 38C – 39C!

Cyprus 5

Although I am Brazilian, I am not used to the Mediterranean heat and I feel I’m close to melting. We are drinking lots of water throughout the day and making sure we have sunscreen at all times.

While packing for our holiday, I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope with the heat, let alone little man’s sensitive skin.

Cyprus 7

Luckily we were sent the new additions to the Garnier Ambre Solaire Easy Peasy Kids Range: Anti-Sand Spray and Wet Skin Lotion.

They have been developed to provide no-fuss sun protection for families and I can tell you that we are loving our days in the sun. We are getting a nice tan without burning our skin.

Cyprus 11

Little man enjoys applying the Anti-Sand Spray on its own. It is easy to apply and the light mist is absorbed quickly.

It is also non-sticky and water resistant, offering very high protection in the sun, SPF 50+, without the itchy sand feeling.

Cyprus 4

The Anti-Sand Spray has a special sand-repelling agent which allows sunscreen to be absorbed without sand sticking to the skin, which is perfect when you are spending your days building sandcastles and playing with sand.

Cyprus 13

The whole family is applying the Anti-Sand Spray as soon as we get to the beach, however once we have been in the water, we top up our sun protection with the Wet Skin Lotion. 

I love the fact it can be applied on wet or dry skin, it is absorbs quickly and it is water resistant. 

Cyprus 12

Before I had to drag little man out of the water, towel dry before putting on sunscreen, however now I just call him while he is at the sea, then apply the Wet Skin Lotion. It is very convenient and practical, thanks to the two hydrophilic gelling agents in the formula.

Unlike other products, the Wet Skin Lotion has been specifically designed for wet skin and, as a result, it doesn’t run while you are trying to apply it.

Cyprus 9

We are loving our days at the beach and we are all having lots of fun in the sun!

Cyprus 3

Garnier Ambre Solaire Easy Peasy Kids Anti-Sand Spray and Wet Skin Lotion are now on sale nationwide from all major retailers. It is available at Boots in store and online for £7.50.

This post has been written in collaboration with Garnier.

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