Spooktacular and Convenient Halloweeen Kids Party Food

I can’t believe it’s already the last day of half-term and, to finish it off in style, we planned a last-minute Halloween party. Halloween will fall on a weekday this year, on Monday 31st October, so it makes sense to celebrate it while the children are still on holiday.


In case you are planning a Halloween party this weekend, you can easily create a spooky party using tasty and convenient food from Iceland, available in store and online. 

For our spooky party, we bought a selection of frozen food and desserts:

  • Iceland 18 mini deep dish pizza £3
  • Iceland 12 breaded cheese selection £3
  • Iceland 12 party sausage rolls £3
  • Iceland Buttermilk chicken wings with BBQ glaze £2
  • Iceland 12 Mozzarella stick £1
  • Iceland 16 Chicken goujons £1
  • Deli Speciale Pitted Black Olives £1
  • Iceland 12 New York & salted caramel cheesecakes £3
  • Millie’s Cookies 6 ready to bake milk chocolate cookie dough £3
  • Iceland 4 Ghost vanilla flavoured dairy i-scream lollies £1

Bloody fingers


 The chicken goujons, chopped and formed chicken breast in crispy breadcrumbs, are ideal to make bloody fingers. In a bowl, add ketchup, then dip the top of the chicken goujon, turn it upside down and stick the other end in the ketchup. 

Spooky Pizzas


The mini deep dish pizzas are available in two flavours: ham & cheese and three cheese. Cook according to the pack instructions, then decorate. In order to make spooky pizzas, you will need black olives which can be cut into googly eyes, triangular eyes or spiders.

Cheese Selection  halloween-11

The mozzarella sticks, breaded mozzarella, cream cheese and cheddar cheese bites, are deliciously creamy. While the breaded cheese selection is great for those that prefer more adventurous taste, such as mozzarella cheese with red pepper and Jalapeño chilli pepper, French Camembert cheese with sweetened onion and Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with apricot. Why not added ketchup in the middle of the plate for a bloody effect?

Mummy Sausage Rolls


The party sausage rolls come in two flavours: pork & chorizo and pork. They can be made into mummies by simply making small cuts on the pastry with a knife before baking.

Sticky Chicken


The buttermilk chicken wings with BBQ glaze is deliciously sticky and so tasty. 

Bloody Drink and Sweets


While shopping, I was pleased to find out that you can get a free tub of Swizzles Party Mix when you purchase any 3 packs of party food. That’s the sweets sorted!

The party drink was blood juice, also known as summer fruits squash.

Desserts table


After savouring spooky party snacks, it’s time for a treat or two.

Mummy Cookies


Millie’s cookies ready to bake milk chocolate dough is perfect to make mummies. Once you have baked the cookies, you simply need icing for the bandage and raisins for the ideas.

Ghost lollies


The refreshing ghost vanilla flavoured dairy i-scream lollies are ready to eat, straight out of the freezer. 

Spider Cheesecakes


These creamy New York and Salted Caramel cheesecakes are simply irresistible. What a delicious way to finish off such a tasty party!

Our Halloween party was a success! The food was cooked and served within less than an hour, very convenient and easy! The spooky food was quickly devoured and no crumbs were left. 

For more Halloween inspiration, such as video recipes, pumpkin templates, printable bottle labels, Spooky Spotify and more, check out: http://www.iceland.co.uk/halloween-party/

What is your favourite Halloween food?

This post has been written in collaboration with Iceland, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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