Adventure Outdoor Activity Ideas for Family Days Out

There are plenty of outdoor activities aimed specifically at adults, children or teenagers. But finding an adventure activity that all the family can join in can sometimes prove a little more challenging. What follows takes a detailed look at some that may appeal. 

Family Powerboat Experience
For a family of four who love the water, what could be more thrilling than a ride and the chance to drive a Honda powerboat? Based on the Solent in Hampshire, this activity does have an age range limitation: minimum age is 6 years and the maximum 70 and there is also a minimum height of 5 feet. But if a family of four can meet these criteria there is a two hour experience waiting which includes 15 minutes for each of four people at the controls of the high speed racing craft. 

Family Canoeing Adventures in the New Forest

Suitable for all age ranges is family canoeing on the New Forest river. Participants are guided by a qualified and experienced instructor and have the opportunity to develop basic skills and an understanding of canoeing, whilst enjoying the wonderful scenery and exploring fun on the water. Smaller children will enjoy the movement and sensation of gliding through the river, whilst those older can get a taste of what canoeing is all about. 

Flying experience


The days of flying only being for commercial pilots, the army and people with lots of money has come to an end. All across the UK there are hundreds of independent airports where companies offer the chance to fly. These companies usually offer a range of experiences for all the family including flying lessons, stunt flying, helicopter rides, spitfire flights and if you feel brave enough you can take part in parachuting. With so many options at reasonable prices across the country, a flying experience could be the perfect way to spend a family day out. 

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