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Christmas will be here in a matter of weeks and we were recently introduced to a very smart game which I’m sure will be a success this festive season. 


In case you haven’t heard about Anki OVERDRIVE, it takes racing games to a whole new level. Thanks to technology and artificial intelligence, racing cars can be customised and controlled using your smartphone. 


Not only are magnetic tracks easy to assemble, you can built 8 different battle tracks with the starter kit, so each game will be different and exciting. In the starter kit, you will find everything you need to start the fun: 2 robotic supercars, 6 curved track pieces, 4 straight track pieces, 2 riser pieces, a four-car charging system and one tire cleaner. 

The high-tech artificial intelligence supercars are self-aware robots which learn the track quickly and within a few seconds you are ready to battle against your opponent. I was pleased to hear that an eight-minute charge is enough to play for 20 minutes. No more buying endless batteries over Christmas!


I love the fact each car has its own personality and strengths, such as speed, defence, firepower and special. The starter kit comes with ground shock, best for its speed and special, and skull, known for its firepower. 

Ground shock’s weapons are electropulse, core inverter and charge beam, while skulls features plasma cannon, depth charge and chain gun. You can also purchase thermos, guardian, nuke and big bang.


There are over 25 different artificial intelligence personalities to choose from and the game stays fresh with the free software updates. After battling with the supercars, I was introduced to supertrucks.

They are nearly three times the size of Supercars, featuring a new control system to dominate the track. The oversized are big, powerful and bring even more excitement to the game!


I must confess I really enjoyed playing with Anki OVERDRIVE and learning more about this clever battle racing game! Little man has added it to my Christmas list and I don’t know who would love it more, mummy, daddy or him.

Who would you battle against?

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