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By now, you might have noticed that we are big fans of Iceland’s convenient and tasty products. They are a life-saver and essential for busy mums and those that love food but lead a busy lifestyle.

Recently we were introduced to the World Famous Range by Iceland, a slow-cooked range launched today, Monday 20th February, which includes flavours from around the world. The mouth-watering dishes are inspired by world famous chefs and restaurants.

Following global travels, the chefs then marinade, rub, season and smoke the meats. As an international family that loves travelling, I was pleased to try those travel inspired dishes from the comfort of my own home. We tried the bistro, smokehouse and grill collection.

World Famous Bistro

Classic British Lamb Shank in Minted Gravy is slow cooked lamb shanks with a mint and rosemary gravy. It’s beautifully served with Iceland mashed potato and a selection of roasted vegetables (mixed peppers, courgette and onions).

The meats in the World Famous range are slow cooked in their own juices and sauce using the sous vide cooking method for extra taste and tenderness. In this unique cooking process, the meat is sealed and cooked under vacuum, which retains the succulence, enhancing the flavour and taste.  

New Zealand Prime Leg of Lamb is a prime leg of lamb cooked in its own juices and marinated with rosemary and garlic. It can be enjoyed with carrots, broccoli and dauphinoise potatoes. 

Not only are the restaurant quality dishes delicious, they are also the first Iceland range to have a chilled life, which makes them even more convenient, thanks to the specialist cooking technique which extends shelf life once defrosted.

As our freezer is usually full and stocked up with Iceland essentials, I love the fact that the World Famous range can be kept in the fridge for around 7 days once defrosted – simply check the packaging to see how long it can be kept in the freezer and in the fridge. Now I can use my fridge and freezer to keep tasty meals, without compromising on quality and flavour. 

World Famous Grill

Sicilian Flattened Half Chicken is a flattened chicken fillet marinated with garlic and herbs inspired by an authentic Sicilian recipe. It’s a cooked, skin on, boneless, half chicken with wings removed.

World Famous Smokehouse

Memphis Tennessee Meaty Pork Ribs is a rack of meaty ribs basted in the famous Memphis inspired BBQ sauce and smoked over red hot hickory chips.

Texan Down ‘N’ Dirty Beef Brisket is a smoked and slow cooked beef brisket with a Texan inspired BBQ flavour sauce.

We enjoyed the pork ribs and brisket together, with Iceland’s mashed potato and Iceland’s corn on the cob.

In order to bring out the best flavours in the dish, they should be defrosted before cooking. I had the full range in the fridge and just picked one item each day, quickly cooked it following the packaging instructions and they were ready to be enjoyed.

Mississippi Smoked Pulled Pork is a prime piece of pork shoulder slowly cooked in its own juice with a Mississippi inspired hickory BBQ sauce. The pulled pork was enjoyed in a wrap with mixed leaves salad, and served with a side salad of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and peppers.

Korean Sweet & Sticky Meaty Pork Ribs is smoked and slow cooked pork ribs with a sweet chilli sauce. The rack of meaty ribs is basted in the famous sweet Korean style sauce and smoked over jasmine tea infused hickory smoked wood. 

Smoked Peking Duck Wings in Hoisin Sauce is meaty duck wings slow cooked in their own juices with a hoisin sauce inspired by the original pekin recipe. It was served with egg noodles, cooked with onions, peppers, carrots and spring onions.

We absolutely loved the World Famous range and it was difficult choosing just one favourite dish. They are all full of flavour, unique and easy to use, perfect for when you need a quick meal without compromising on taste. It was success with the whole family and we will be definitely buying more in our next shopping.

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Which dish would you like to try from the World Famous range?

This post has been written in collaboration with Iceland, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.

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