Unusual Fast Food

In many parts of the world, fast food is very popular. This is mainly because today’s generation is always busy and fast food is more convenient. This kind of food can be prepared and served within few minutes and it can be cheaper as well. Many fast food stores have brought up new unique recipes, so that their stores become famous. There are many unusual fast foods across the world.

KFC Chizza

Newly introduced in Singapore by KFC, Chizza is the perfect blending of pizza and chicken. The crust of the Chizza is made of a heart- shaped chicken fillet, and is then layered with pizza sauce, pineapple chunks, chicken ham, cheese and the famous KFC cheese sauce. This food item was already available in countries like Thailand and Philippines. It might be coming to your region soon!

Coconut Shrimp Pizza

Available only in South Korea’s Pizza Huts, the Coconut Shrimp Pizza is not to everyone’s tastes! Made with Shrimp dipped in garlic sauce, white sauce, sweet coconut and chopped tomatoes, this pizza is on South Korea’s Pizza Hut’s menu since 2010.

Dry Pork and seaweed doughnut

This unique type of doughnut can be found only in Dunkin’ Donuts in China. Dried pork and seaweed is a quite common flavouring for Chinese bread, so they tried it on doughnuts! This doughnut made of dried pork with seaweed pieces as toppings, is served as a savoury snack instead of a sweet tooth snack.

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BigSpicy Paneer Wrap

If you wish to try something different, then you should surely visit India’s McDonalds. Enjoy a delicious veg wrap, made of paneer. The sizzling Paneer wrap consists of soft paneer in a crunchy batter with fresh veggies, and creamy sauce. Your taste buds will be pleased each time you take a bite!

Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets

In Italy, you can taste Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets at McDonalds. Italian flavours took over McDonalds and they created these nuggets which are stuffed with spinach and Parmesan Cheese. Take a bite from a nugget, and you will see the green fillings! It might be a good way to make your kids like Spinach.

KitKat Sandwich

Have a Break at Japan! First Kitchen, which is a well-known fast food chain, has brought forward the KitKat Sandwich. Squeezed between two slices of white bread, orange peel and whipped cream, a bar of KitKat for Café, can make your day better.

Black-Bunned Burger

Another very unusual food is the Black Burger in Japan’s Burger King. These two black burgers introduced in Japan are known as Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond, and are packed with black cheese. The bun is made with bamboo charcoal and squid ink which is mixed with the Ketchup. It definitely looks like Darth Vader’s lunch, but proved to be very well appreciated by eaters.

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