Food Through Sicily: A Luxurious Adventure

Italy is renowned for being one of the most beautiful countries in the world: from its landscapes, to its history and its food. So when you find yourself choosing it as a destination to visit, how are you expected to make up your mind and narrow your trip down to one single region?

Every season has its own perks, but visiting Italy in the summer is truly wonderful. Sicily in particular is alive and blooming as soon as the warm weather sets in, and its beaches start welcoming the bravest swimmers already starting from May. Its deep blue water, delicious food, and family-friendly vibe makes Sicily the ideal place to visit for your upcoming holidays.

Once you have settled onto one region the next step will absolutely be to check the accommodation situation. The most important thing to always keep in mind is to satisfy any special requirements when it comes to accommodations.

With children, making sure you have a large space where they can play, and even maybe a pool so that you can all relax together, is a necessity that parents look for when choosing the living arrangement. Luxury villas in Sicily are an accommodation option that checks off all of the boxes for you and your family; not only by giving the opportunity to visit the region with the commodity of not having restrictive rules for your kids, but also having the possibility for the adults to relax once the little ones are asleep, poolside for example with cocktails and music. The villas are wonderfully kept, overlook incredible landscapes, and definitely improve your family’s holiday.

After having chosen the lodging space, you’ll probably be thinking about food, nonetheless you are going to Italy. The food in Sicily, along with every other aspect to the region, is unique. With many of its own resources and fresh produce, the culinary aspect to Sicily is one of Italy’s best. With so many different cultures having settled in Sicily over the course of its long history, the Sicilian menu offers lots of vegetables, a great seafood selection, and desserts that will have you asking for seconds. While you stroll the streets of Palermo, Sicily’s capital, know that you will find a great array of street food options.

Do not miss the chance to try one of the classics, “the arancino”, a fried rice and tomato ball, with peas and meat. After this salty piece of paradise a must would be the cannolo Siciliano. A crispy wafer like exterior, with a creamy sweet ricotta filling, it is absolutely inimitable. 

Do you like Italian food? Have you been to Italy?

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