Vegelicious Falafel, Kiev and Sausages by Goodlife

Although we are meat eaters, we love vegetables and always include them in our meals. When I was contacted by Goodlife, I was interested in trying their vegetarian and vegan meals as they are made using the healthiest vegetables from the finest farmers in the UK.

Their mission is to put veg at the centre of the plate, instead of just having it as a bit on the side. The frozen products are easily cooked in the oven, grill and BBQ, straight from the freezer.

We were pleasantly surprised by the delicious taste of French bean and Spinach sausages with Wensleydale cheese. The ingredient list features lots of different vegetables, such as peas, spinach, leek, cauliflower, onion and French bean.

I love the addition of Wensleydale cheese, which adds a delicious flavour to the sausages. They are a great alternative to meat sausages at a fraction of the calories, less than 50 calories per sausage!

Little man and his friend love sausage and mash, and really enjoyed the French bean and spinach sausages, served with mash potato and carrot, mixed vegetables and gravy. They even asked for more!

Hubby is vegan for Lent, so he was in charge of trying the falafel with chickpea, cumin and coriander. He said they were beautifully seasoned and perfect addition to a wrap with salad. As there are 14 in a box, I managed to try a couple and really liked the taste. The Moroccan inspired medley of vegetables and spices was a success!

My favourite was Mushroom and Spinach Kiev, with a creamy garlic and cheese sauce. I love kievs and honestly wasn’t sure whether a vegetarian version would match up to the classic chicken version, but I was wrong! 

It was enjoyed with sautéed potatoes and mixed vegetables, and it was so delicious. I loved the creamy centre and crunchy seeded breadcrumb. I will definitely pick up more in our next grocery shopping! 

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed trying Goodlife and it has definitely fulfilled its mission of putting vegetables at the centre of our plates. We can’t wait to try other flavoursome products from the range!

Which dish would you like to try first?

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This post has been written in collaboration with Goodlife, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and our own.

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