Encouraging your Partner to Try a New Look

Most of us work hard to look our best, and we all appreciate it when our partner puts in the effort to do the same. The problem is that it takes time, money and effort to keep yourself looking stylish. Sometimes, life gets in the way a bit. We get busy, money becomes tight and our priorities change. Often we simply do not realise we are wearing the same things all the time, or that the clothes we are wearing no longer suit us.

If you have noticed this happening to your partner, and want to encourage them to update their look, the tips below will help. Using them you should be able to gently encourage them to get out of the style rut they are in and enjoy creating a new look.

Using gifts

One strategy that works particularly well is giving clothing as gifts. Everyone likes to receive a present, and when it is from a loved one they are far more likely to use it.

If you are trying to encourage your husband or partner to wear something a bit brighter, this range of men’s polo shirts from Jacamo is perfect. This year’s collection includes a fun pineapple motif, strips and a range of other designs.

The trick with buying clothing gifts for friends and families is not to depart too drastically from the styles that you know they like. If an item looks too different from what they usually wear, in all likelihood your partner will just take it back for a refund. However, if it is not too radically different the chances are they will try it on, and discover they actually like it.

Get them to notice what other people are wearing

If you see their favourite sports star wearing a new style of jeans and you think they would look good on your partner, say so. The fact that someone they respect, and admire, is wearing something different means they are more likely to want to buy something similar for their wardrobe.

Use holidays to help them to try something new

Everyone feels more relaxed when they are on holiday, which means that they are more open to trying something new. The fact few people know us also helps. It makes us braver and more likely to be willing to dry dressing differently. Usually, the new clothes we buy and use while we are away are kept and become a part of our day to day wardrobe.

Go shopping together

This last suggestion is a bit trickier to pull off if you and your partner rarely go shopping together. In that situation, the best approach is to pop into a shop that sells both men´s and women´s clothing while you are enjoying a day out rather than try to get him to go on a special joint shopping trip. You can try something on yourself and suggest he takes the chance to do the same. Potentially, you could steer him towards certain items that you think would suit him.

In this article you can learn how to dress the different male body types. Understanding which styles and cuts are most likely to work for your partner will help you to narrow down the options, and choose new clothes that should look great.

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