Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

We absolutely love family days out and building precious memories together. It is very enjoyable getting ready for our family adventures, spending time together then talking about it once we have been. 

As an international family, we often travel to Brazil, Cyprus and France to visit our family members. We have just returned from a road trip to France and we had a fantastic time, so I thought I would share our top tips for travelling with kids.

Drinks and snacks

Long journeys ask for plenty of drinks to keep little ones hydrated throughout. We usually pack a selection of drinks and snacks in a backpack for little man so he can help himself during the journey. If you have younger children, you might want to keep hold of the bag and give snacks to your little ones as required.

It is always handy including a packet of baby wipes and tissues, just in case of spillages and sticky fingers. We also take some plastic bags to store all the empty packages and litter, until our next stop.


We usually take a range of activities for long journeys, such as reading book, pen and paper, DVD player and also a laptop or tablet. Little man also likes taking activity books and colouring books, they seem to keep him entertained for a long period of time.

If we are travelling in the evening, as we were during our last trip to France, little man mainly watched DVDs in the car, as we we were hoping he would sleep on the way.

Last minute checks

It is extremely important to make sure that you are safe and ready for the journey ahead. We usually check our car a couple of weeks before our journey, in case we need to fix anything. It is essential to check in advance as you might need to order a spare part for your car from to ensure your car is safe. If you need to change any parts, you might want to check the online video guide for easy spare parts replacement on

We also make sure that the car seat is fitted properly and that all seat belts are working perfectly. Once we have all drinks and snacks ready, the entertainment sorted and our car is ready to go, we set off on our family adventures.

What are your best tips for travelling with kids?

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