Cadbury Little Pi-Cow-So Masterclass

Little man enjoys getting creative and adores animals, so when we were invited to Cadbury Little Pi-Cow-So event, I knew straight away that we had to attend.

In order to celebrate Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons new Adopt a Cow campaign, we were invited to meet Buttons, a very special cow. Although it moves just like a real cow, with impressive sound effects, Buttons is actually an animatronic Cadbury cow.

It was created following a research that found that city children had no idea what a real cow looked like. While some thought that a cow was the same size of a double decker bus, other thought it was the same size as a cow. It took Cadbury over 500 hours to create it and there were 20 people involved in the project. No wonder it looks so amazing!

You can see how it moves here:

Little man doesn’t remember meeting a real cow, as he was quite little when we went to my uncle’s farm while on holiday in Brazil, so it was nice for him to meet Buttons. He found very interesting touching Buttons’ tongue and observing how it moved.

After we met Buttons, the drawing class started and little man learned to draw buttons with illustrator Rose Blake, while we were enjoying some delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons. It was fun learning to sketch Buttons, with the step-by-step instructions.

Little man started by drawing the head, then moving on to the body and then adding legs and tail. To finish off, he added sports and coloured it in.

The Cadbury Adopt a Cow Campaign run until 31st August, and families will have the opportunity to win an unforgettable overnight trip to meet cows at a farm. In order to take part, you need to enter codes from special promotional packs. For more information, please check:

 This post has been written in collaboration with Cadbury.

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