The ultimate guide to jean fits, cuts and styles

Jeans are so incredibly common and versatile that if a store sells any form of clothing, you can bet they’ll have a pair of jeans on offer. Acid wash, bootcut, high waist, distressed, every colour of the rainbow – there are enough denim variations for a new pair every day of the year. Here, we give you a handy breakdown of our favourite jean fits, cuts and styles.


Best for: A night out

Skinny jeans do exactly what they say on the tin and fit really close to the body, all the way from your waist to your calves. While they used to be associated with a more informal, teenage look, they’re now easily among the most popular jean styles and can be rocked by just about anyone. They’re incredibly easy to style too and look great dressed up with a nice blouse and a set of heels or boots, even for the workplace.


Best for: Just about everything

Bootcut gets its name from its tendency to flare out under the knee, thus accommodating a set of boots. This jean style is another of the most common fits, as it’s meant to jive with the natural curves of your body. The portion below the knee isn’t as wide as a wide leg jean, for instance, but it does have a little give. Because of this, boot cut jeans are not too tight and not too baggy, allowing for a lot of movement but still defining your shape.

 Wide leg

Best for: Festival fun

When we think wide leg jeans, we almost always go straight to images of disco divas in the 1970s. But wide leg jeans – otherwise lovingly known as bell bottoms – have made a recent comeback and aren’t just reserved for John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. They too help to accentuate your body’s natural curves, but have an especially wide and flirty flare either around or just above the ankle. Don these at Glastonbury and you’ll fit right in.

High waist

Best for: Summer days at the beach

With high waist jeans the clue is in the name. They look particularly adorable when paired with a skinny cut or wide leg fit, but there’s no ruling any one style out. High waist fits go with everything, while plenty of styles from the selection of jeans from Tu can be dressed up for the evening too. Tuck a shirt into your high waist jeans or let the edge fall over the hem for just a little extra coverage.


Best for: Lazy trips to the shops

Boyfriend jeans are almost on the complete opposite end of the jean spectrum to a skinny fit – featuring a relatively relaxed shape with straight, almost slouchy legs. They’re also generally cuffed at the ends and rise up well above the ankle. While this might initially sound like a recipe for style disaster, they’re actually incredibly trendy and especially comfortable. It’s a win-win.

The bottom line is, anything is possible in the jean world. What’s your favourite way to wear your blues?

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