Competition: Engineer the Chocolate Bar of the Future @theIET #ISeeMore

Are your children creative? Do they love chocolate?

If so, read on as they could enter a fantastic competition from the IET, Institution of Engineering and Technology, which encourages children to learn more about the exciting opportunities available in the science and engineering sectors. 

The IET covers different areas, including energy, transport, manufacturing, information and communications, and the built environment.

I really appreciate what IET is trying to achieve as it is so important for children, especially girls, to consider science and engineering as career options. In my mid-20s, I decided to change my career and started a BSc Biological Sciences degree. It was the best decision I have made!

In this exciting competition, children from 8 to 16 years old are invited to engineer the chocolate bar of the future. If your little ones could change anything, how would they design their chocolate bar? Would they add more sprinkles? Perhaps more fruit? Or even veg?
Not only is this competition fun and exciting, the winner will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be Willy Wonka and create their dream chocolate bar at Bournville Factory. They will be working alongside chocolate experts and hear from a real life engineer. The winner will also enjoy a trip to Cadbury World and an iPad Mini. There will also be 10 runner up prizes of trip to Cadbury World.
I have asked little man what the chocolate bar should look like and he suggested we should start our research first, to see what was around already. Once we tasted nearly a whole box of chocolate (over a few days), little man suggested to create a multi-coloured chocolate, with different flavours for each colour of the rainbow.
What would your little one create?
Hurry up as the competition ends on Saturday 16th September 2017! 
For full details and to enter the competition, please check:
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