Fruit Picking Fun with Fruit Shoot #Itsmything

We love family days out, especially when we have the opportunity to spend time outdoors with great company and delicious food.

A few weeks ago, we were invited to a fun event at Home Cottage Farm, located just outside London, in which we picked some delicious fresh fruit and learnt more about Fruit Shoot.

We haven’t been to a pick your own farm in ages, so it was great to visit one so little man had the chance to pick raspberries and blackberries, choosing the ones that were ripe, but not too ripe.

While we were picking our fruit, we kept hydrated with Fruit Shoot. Did you know that Fruit Shoot is made with real fruit and it is filled with multi-vitamins? The low calorie drink has no added sugar and it is free from artificial colours and flavourings.

Growing up, we had a big garden at home, so we could pick fresh fruit from it, such as oranges, papaya and jabuticaba, which is a Brazilian grape. It was a lovely experience choosing our own fruit, making sure it didn’t have any bugs and enjoying it straight from the trees.

I truly believe I love eat fruit now, as I was exposed to plenty of fruit and vegetables growing up, whether it was from our back garden, from our family farm or my uncle’s farm. We love spending time outdoors and it is something that we miss now that we live in London.

After picking blackberries and raspberries, we moved on to the orchards, to pick plums and apples. Usually there are only a few types of apples in the supermarkets, so I was surprised to find so many different varieties at the farm.  

As we were picking the fruit, we were planning what we would be using them for. The raspberries and blackberries would be added to our daily porridge, while the apples and plums would be turned into a crumble. Yum!

Picking fruit is a tiring job, so luckily we sat down for a delicious picnic, featuring fruit-based snacks created by Holly Bell, finalist from the Great British Bake Off, and refreshing Fruit Shoot drinks. 

There were apple and blackcurrant, peach and mango, orange and summer fruits. We can’t decide which flavour is our favourite as we love them all!

The orange and raising fat free tea loaf was delightful and fruity, while the spiced apple and blackcurrant cupcakes were very tasty!

Not only were the banana and raspberry flapjacks delicious, they were made with no refined sugar, simply sweetened with dates, figs and apricots. The whole family enjoyed the fruity treats and it has certainly inspired us to add more fruit to our creations.

Thank you Fruit Shoot for such a wonderful day out!

Which Fruit Shoot is your favourite?

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