Out-of-the-box chair designs to spruce up your home

Over the decades, there have been some furniture designs that have resonated within the world of interiors. Some chairs, in particular, are as popular today as when they were first introduced. Quirky shapes, slim frames and unconventional materials have all contributed to some of these lasting designs. Here are some of the designer chairs that have changed the playing field, including some options that you perhaps haven’t thought about for your living rooms.


The Harry Bertoia diamond chair was first introduced in 1952 and is just as innovative today as it was back then. The wire frame defies the expectation of an industrial look and is instead chic and elegant. The Diamond chair is still in production and can be purchased from Knoll, however, if you’re looking for a cheaper, alternative, then you can find a replica version here. It’s the perfect stand-out piece and would make a focal point in any living room or study.

The infamous Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen was a real influencer of its time, and its iconic shape has inspired the design of many chairs ever since. The authentic chair can start from a whopping £5k, so it’s certainly an investment piece. Alternatively, you could go for a similar style, like this one from A Modern World, for less than a tenth of the price.

The original and iconic Eames lounge chair with matching ottoman can reach a staggering six thousand pounds, which is far more than most of us can afford. As with the other classic pieces, replicas are available to help you achieve the look at a fraction of the cost. This one by Swivel UK is under one thousand pounds and still comes in genuine leather.

The Hans Wegner Wishbone chair is perhaps the ultimate dining table chair. Its Scandinavian look is still as fashionable and cutting edge today as it would have been in 1949 when Wegner first designed it. Cult Furniture currently has a beautiful reproduction model available in a range of colours that would make a chic statement and talking point around your dining table.

Later to the scene, but just as significant as the previously mentioned chair designs, the stylish and chic Ghost chair, by Philippe Starck, designed in 2002, is an Instagram bloggers dream. Available with arms and without, the chair is moulded as a single piece of durable plastic, which means there are no joints or weak points. It would look stunning sat at a dressing table in your bedroom, or as a statement chair in a home office.

Slightly more conventional and ideal for when comfort is the name of the game, a snuggle chair, like these from Arlo & Jacob, are a perfect choice for living rooms. With a little extra lounging room than your regular sized armchair, it makes nodding off for an afternoon nap even easier.

This only scrapes the surface of the amazing designs that are on offer, but it should hopefully help you think of creative ways to incorporate high-end designer pieces into your interiors, achieving the look for a lot less.

Which design is your favourite?

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