Vegetarian Ready Meals by Goodlife: 3 Bean Chilli and Vegetable Masala

A few months ago, we were introduced to Goodlife and their range of delicious vegetarian dishes. We tried their falafel, kiev and sausages and they were all approved by the whole family!

As a busy family, we usually have a few ready meals in the freezer, so we can quickly prepare a family meal when we are in a rush and have no time to cook. Our weekends are particularly busy as little man attends several different activities.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Goodlife now have ready meals, which are simply delicious and very convenient.

The vegetarian meals are nutritious and made with healthiest vegetables from the finest farmers in the UK.

The 3 bean chilli with cauliflower rice is a tasty high-protein meal, gluten free, rich in fibre and low in fat. The dish combines a mix of red kidney beans, white kidney beans, pinto beans and sweetcorn in a spicy tomato chilli sauce.

We really like the kick in the vegetarian chilli, without being too spicy and overpowering.

The vegetable masala with cauliflower rice is gluten free, low in saturated fat and rich in protein. The dish combines roasted sweet potato and red peppers in a fragrant curry sauce, made with tomatoes and coconut milk.

The vegetable masala is a flavoursome dish and the creamy curry is beautifully complemented by the cauliflower rice.

Both meals contain three of your five a day and they have no artificial additives and no artificial preservatives. They can be found in the freezer aisle at Morrisons and online.

Not only are the ready meals delicious, I love the fact that cauliflower rice was added to the dishes, instead of rice. It gives both dishes a lovely flavour, making them filling and tasty.

Which ready meal would you like to try first?

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