3 Career-boosting Hacks for Busy Mums

Being a mum can feel like the most demanding job on the planet – and it might bear the heaviest responsibility.

When you become a parent, you might have abandoned career plans before they came to fruition or placed a promising career on hold.

But becoming a mother doesn’t mean your ambitions should remain unfulfilled — these three career-boosting hacks for busy mums can give your life a totally new dimension.


Writing a niche blog can be a release-valve from the pressures of daily life — there’s something refreshing about expressing the way you really feel. You can blog from the comfort of your own home and conveniently fit writing around childcare and employment.

Another benefit is connecting with people dealing with similar challenges or sharing the same passions — feeling the fulfilment that comes from being part of an online community.

There are also ways to monetise your blog so that it becomes a lucrative income stream. So writing about your favourite subject could be one relatively painless way to change careers.


Attending a physical university campus to complete a full-time degree is impractical for many parents — caring for children and holding down jobs make it nigh impossible. But many universities offer online degrees in the UK on a variety of subjects — from digital marketing to leadership and management.

Distance learning courses can be completed at your own pace and in your own time. So you can top-up your skills to seek a promotion when returning to work or gain a qualification in a totally new subject. You will communicate regularly with tutors and classmates online and become part of a network of friends from across the globe.


Donating your time and skills as a volunteer can be the first step in the path towards an exciting new job that really makes a difference.

Volunteering as a young mum helped Lucia Daniels gain confidence connect with her local community and champion the cause of parents raising children with disabilities. She enjoyed the experience so much that it led to her founding the prominent Parents at Work charity. This group merged with another organisation to become Working Families — the leading work-life balance organisation in Britain. 

If you can spare the time to volunteer for a local community group then you’ll be helping a good cause and enhancing your career prospects. And if your skill set permits, you could even become a digital volunteer who coordinates and supports projects online.

Being a mum is more than enough to satisfy many women and if they have the funds to withdraw from work completely their choice should be respected. But women who want to mix career success should be given as much supports as possible.

If you’re considering your next employment move, these three career-boosting hacks for busy mums should help you plan ahead.

Have you restarted a career after becoming a parent? Share your stories.

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