Puurfect Talking Poppy Cat Soft Toy

Little man always liked watching Poppy Cat’s adventures on TV, but he started liking her even more after he met Poppy Cat at John Lewis at the beginning of the month. It was a magical moment for him meeting one of his favourite TV characters in person. Ever since that day, little man has been talking about Poppy Cat every single day.

When the Talking Poppy Cat Soft Toy arrived in a colourful Poppy Cat display box, little man was delighted. He was really happy to finally have his very own Poppy Cat! He kept asking me if he could keep it or if the postman would ask to take it back. Bless him!

Talking Poppy Cat Soft Toy (RRP £9.99) is a wonderfully soft and cuddly toy, 22cm tall. When little man squeezed Poppy Cat’s belly, it started talking. She says five unique phrases including a countdown: “5-4-3-2-1”, “This is Captain Poppy speaking”, “Come on everybody”, “That’s a great idea” and “Have fun!”. Little man really likes copying Poppy Cat and repeating after her.

Little man loves his Poppy Cat toy, I find it really cute too! It reminds us of our lovely breakfast with Poppy Cat. Little man plays with his soft Poppy Cat toy during the day and take her to bed at night. Talking Poppy Cat Soft Toy is a great gift for pre-school children!

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