Love is in the Air: Letterbox Valentine’s Cake by Baker Days

Letterbox Valentine’s Cake by Baker Days

Letterbox Valentine’s Cake by Baker Days

Valentine’s Day will be here in a matter of weeks, so it is time to start thinking of a gift for your loved one. I must admit that I like chocolates and flowers, but I love cakes!

I thought a letterbox cake was a brilliant idea, basically your cake will be delivered whether you are home or not, so you don’t need to pick it up at the post office or stay home waiting for delivery.

Valentine's Cake with Love Hearts Sweets and Card

Valentine’s Cake with Love Hearts Sweets and Card

Baker Days has a lovely selection of letterbox cakes for every occasion including Valentine’s Cakes.

It was very simple to personalise my own cake, I simply had to pick my favourite design, send my chosen photo and personalise what I wanted written on the cake.

Our Personalised Valentine's Cake

Our Personalised Valentine’s Cake

I picked “Dreaming of You” design and personalised it with my own message: “Theo, I love you xx”.

I sent a photo of us together to make our Valentine’s Cake every more special and personal.

In case you don’t want your own photo, you can choose one of the cute designs online.

Valentine's Cake and Card

Valentine’s Cake and Card

Our Valentine’s Cake was delivered in a matter of days and it arrived in a beautiful “Just for You” presentation tin with Love Hearts sweets and a card.

Double Chocolate Chip Cake

Double Chocolate Chip Cake

Baker Days’ cakes are nicely packaged and I was pleasantly surprised that it arrived intact even though it was dropped through our letterbox.

It didn’t get damaged as the cake is cleverly secured onto the cake board with butter cream and covered in icing.

It comes with a handy piece of paper which makes it easy to remove from the tin without damaging the cake.

There is a “super dry” packet attached to the lid of the tin. In case you don’t finish the cake in one sitting, you can put it away in the tin provided.

Baker Days says: “Our Letterbox Gift cakes (3-4 portions) will turn anyone’s day into a very special one, it’s the perfect petite Birthday, Get Well and I Love you cake.

It slips through the door and creates a real sparkling champagne moment, including a neat keepsake tin, balloons, candles, card and now BFPO approved.

Our large Party Cakes ( 10-50 portion) and Cupcakes will all taste like you made them yourself and personalised just as you want them.

With over 400 designs to choose from, it’s easy to find just the right design. Of course, every cake can be personalised with your special message and a photo.”

Chocolate Valentine's Cake

Chocolate Valentine’s Cake

I was sent a moist and soft double chocolate chip cake, and it was absolutely amazing!

I must add that it took me a few days to cut the cake as I found it far too beautiful to be eaten. It’s a little piece of art, so I wanted to admire it for a few days before tasting it.

Tin to store away

Tin to Store Cake Away

It was definitely worth the wait, as it tasted gorgeous and it didn’t last very long.

Once the first slice was cut, it went like hot cakes! Even though we didn’t eat it straight away, it was still very nice and moist.

In case you are not a chocolate fan (is it possible?!), you can also choose a different flavour: sponge cake, carrot cake, fruit cake and even gluten and wheat free cake.

My little boy was amazed that mummy and daddy’s faces were on the cake. He already told me that he would like his face on a cake for his birthday!

Cute Valentine's Day Message

Cute Valentine’s Day Message

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our Baker Days’ Valentine’s Cake, it’s a full of flavour and a lovely touch!

It is small and cute, perfect for a little celebration!

If I received this cake, I would think that the sender put a lot of thought into it. It’s a great idea!

Baker Days Letterbox Cakes

Baker Days Letterbox Cakes

Baker Days has a large selection of cakes for different occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversary, Christening, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Baby and much more.

Letterbox Gift Cake (4-5 portions) is available at RRP £14.99, Small Party Cake (8-12 portions) at RRP £26.99, Large Party Cake (50-60 portions) at RRP £45.00)

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The product was provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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