Family Fun: The Bad Guys Movie

We love going to the cinema and we all had a fabulous time watching The Bad Guys, an unforgettable movie enjoyed by everyone.  What could possibly go wrong when a crew of animal outlaws attempt to become good citizens?

Each member of The Bad Guys has a different set of skills, making them the ideal gang for heists, which has crowned them the world’s most wanted villains. Nobody can pickpocket better than Mr Wolf, if you need a safe to be cracked, look no further than Mr Snake. Mr Shark is a master of disguise, short-fused Mr Piranha is very strong and Ms Tarantula is the hacker you need to get into any system.  

The Bad Guys is a great action comedy movie based on the blockbuster Scholastic book series by Aaron Babley. We loved the movie so much that we now want to read the New York Times best-selling book series.

The movie is very funny from start to finish, we didn’t stop laughing. Each part of the movie is cleverly made and reminds us of a children’s version of the heist movies that we enjoy watching. Not only is their adventure entertaining, but it gives a lovely message about friendship and how friends look after each other at all times.

The Bad Guys adventure has a couple of unexpected twists at the end, which surprised us all. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed The Bad Guys and we recommend it as a great movie suitable for the whole family.

We were invited to watch The Bad Guys. The opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.