Family Adventures at Paradise Wildlife Park

We love being outdoors appreciating the beauty of animals and wildlife. Our first visit to Paradise Wildlife Park was in 2014. Although we had a wonderful day at the time, somehow we didn’t manage to get back since last Sunday.

Before lockdown, we moved only a few minutes away from Paradise Wildlife Park and the children have been asking to go ever since they spotted the sign on the road.

It was lovely seeing how much the park has improved and expanded over the past few years. Back in 2014, there were around 400 animals across the zoo, but now there are an impressive 800 animals in total. Just by this, you can see how much it has grown.

Not only is Paradise Wildlife Park a great family day out attraction, it also plays an important part in the conservation and education about animals and their welfare, helping to protect vulnerable animals and habitats around the world.

It was lovely walking around the park, appreciating the wide variety of animals in their habitats. The enclosures are spacious and offer a lovely environment for the wildlife that lives there. Unlike a zoo, where animals seem to be in cages, at Paradise, white lions and tigers have plenty of room to walk around.

As a biologist, I love the fact that there are information displays and posters explaining more about each animal, such as where they can be found, their diet, their life span and where they were found. It was a very educational trip, we have certainly learned a lot from it.

We also love how each enclosure offers clear view to everyone, no matter their height. We could all see how the animals enjoyed their habitats.

There is so much to see and do in the World of Animals, including cats, large mammals, small mammals, primates, reptiles, invertebrates, Birds of Paradise and even Farmyard animals.

Our pre-schooler’s highlight was the World of Dinosaurs. When he first entered, his eyes lit up, he was very excited, but suddenly exclaimed “They are not real. The dinosaurs are all pretend.” A few minutes later, the dinosaurs came to live and started moving and making noises. WOW! The look on his face was priceless.

While we were exploring the dinosaurs, he could say the name of a lot of dinosaurs and couldn’t believe how lucky he was. Until then, he had only seen dinosaurs in books, but now he could see real ones. What an encounter!

Overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed our visit and everyone is already asking when we are going next. I’ve noticed that Santa will be coming to Paradise Wildlife Park soon…

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We were guests of Paradise Wildlife Park, however the opinions expressed in this post are honest and our own.

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