Kick-starting my Eating and Fitness Routine with C9 Forever Living

The New Year has started in full swing and I can’t believe that January is already coming to an end! This year, my New Year’s Resolution is to be healthier and more active, by making small changes to my diet.

We all know there are no secret formulas to be healthy. I truly believe it is all about moderation and following an achievable routine in order to reach our goals.

In my opinion, the first step is the hardest and, I must confess, I usually tend to postpone starting a new eating and fitness routine. When I heard about C9 programme from Forever Living, I was interested in finding out further details and trying it out. It was just what I needed to get started.

The C9 Programme is an expertly-devised calorie-controlled diet plan and exercise programme, designed to kick start your eating and fitness routine, cleanse your body and adjust your mindset. It provides you with the foundation and inspiration needed to achieve your transformation goal. It’s a nine day plan ideal for those that need a helping hand to transform their diet and fitness habits.

The C9 pack comes with everything you need, including two 1 litre bottles of Forever Aloe Vera gel, Forever Lite Ultra, Forever Therm, Forever Garcinia Plus, Forever Fiber, tape measurer and shaker.

The programme is well-structured and easy to follow. The first two days are a reset phase to help kick start your new approach to good nutrition and exercise.  On those days, I had Forever Aloe Vera gel and supplements for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also a Forever Lite Ultra shake for lunch, together with 30 minutes of low-intensity exercise.

Although I didn’t have much to eat, I wasn’t hungry as I followed the tips in the guide: drinking more water throughout the day and eating fruit and vegetables to help curb cravings. As I am out all day, I got into the habit of preparing my food the day before. I would cut cucumber, celery and pepper sticks to take to work, together with the shake and a piece of fruit.

The first couple of days went by very quickly and, although I didn’t feel any lack of energy, I had cramps which weren’t pleasant. I believe it could be due to the change in my diet and having less fruit and vegetables than usual.

Days three to nine were easier as I could have a shake for breakfast and lunch, followed by a 600 calorie meal at dinner time, together with 30 minutes of low-medium impact exercise and supplements at mealtimes. Evening meals are quick, easy and family-friendly, such as chicken and rice, roast dinner and pasta. It was great to still be able to share a meal with my family at the end of the day while following the programme.

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the shake. It is available in chocolate and vanilla flavour, providing 24g of protein per serving plus vitamins and minerals. I had the vanilla flavour and mixed it with frozen fruit. I must say it kept me full and satisfied throughout the day and I didn’t crave any sweets or chocolates.

Towards the end of programme, I was constipated during days 6, 7 and 8, which made me feel bloated. Fortunately my bowel movements were back to normal by day 9. While writing this post, I contacted Forever Living regarding the cramps and constipation, and they explained: “Gastrointestinal changes are normal but how these manifest will obviously vary from person to person. Drinking more water on days 6-8 may have helped with your constipation but you’re obviously past that stage of the programme now.  Many people who do the programme don’t experience constipation but we don’t have any exact percentages I’m afraid.” 

Overall I had a positive experience with the C9 programme, my jeans are not as snug as they were at the beginning of the programme. In only 9 days, I have lost a few pounds and a few centimetres around my waist. Most importantly, it got me back into the habit of exercising and moving more, whether it is going for a walk during my lunch break or over the weekend. It also helped me to keep hydrated and include healthier snacks throughout the day.

In order to kick-start your own eating and exercise routine, you can purchase C9 programme and other Forever Living products through the website and through business owners in a direct selling scheme.

Have you tried Forever Living? Would you try their C9 programme?

I’m working with Forever Living and BritMums in a paid relationship, showcasing the C9 Programme, kick-starting my eating and fitness goals. Find out more here https://

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