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Miffy image for iPhone Earlier today, I shared our Gardening Fun: Planting Seeds with Children.

With the weather finally beginning to look a little more ‘Spring-like’ it’s the perfect time to get little ones interested in gardening and the big outdoors! Miffy in the garden is perfect to stimulate reading together, playing and learning.

The app is aimed at pre-school aged children and features the classic story by Dick Bruna as well as interactive features and games. Miffy has her own garden and you can help her with it, by raking, sowing seeds and harvesting carrots.. Listen to the story and you will know exactly what to do.

Miffy in the garden is a fun and educational iPhone app developed specifically for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Very young children can enjoy listening and watching while older children can participate more actively in the story and the game.

Miffys Garden_Screen Shot1-1

– First Miffy iPhone app!
– For toddlers and pre-schoolers
– ‘Miffy’s Garden’ story
– Interactive: listening and participating
– Simple, fun and educational
– Carrot game

Interactive story
– Based on the book ‘Miffy’s garden’ by Dick Bruna
– Miffy has her own garden, can you help her with it? Raking, sowing seeds, and watering the garden too. Watch as the plants appear…. it’s time to harvest them. And then…enjoy a feast!
– Listening, watching, reading and participating

Playing and learning
– Counting: counting carrots. Are you counting along out loud? And did Mother and Father Bunny also get a tasty carrot?

Miffys Garden_screen shot2

Miffy’s Garden is an iPhone app is normally £1.49 but from 28th March-1 May it will cost just 69p. So hurry, as it ends soon.

In addition, the four apps available for both iPhone and iPad (Miffy’s Garden, Miffy goes Flying, Miffy at School and Miffy in the Snow) will be reduced on the iTunes website from 28th April – 1st May. The iPad apps will be reduced from £2.99 to £2.49 and for the iPhone from £1.49 to 69p.

To download the app, please go to https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/miffy-in-the-garden/id510987196?mt=8

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