Huzzah! Brand new ‘Mike the Knight’ DVD!

Little man loves Mike the Knight, he was over the moon when we visited Mike the Knight at Warwick Castle a couple of weeks ago. He keeps talking about it, it was definitely a day to be remembered!

Little Man with Mike the Knight
Little Man with Mike the Knight

Following Mike the Knight Magical Mishaps DVD published a few months ago, a new DVD has just been launched: “Mike the Knight: Be a Knight, Do it Right”, Mike set for more amazing adventures in his brand new DVD.

Saddle-up and explore the enchanted realm of Glendragon with CBeebies favourite Mike the Knight! Join his companions Sparkie and Squirt and trusty steed Galahad, as the young knight-in-training embarks on more marvellous missions. Available from Monday 29th July with an RRP of £12.99, Mike the Knight: Be a Knight, Do it Right! includes seven exciting episodes from the popular pre-school series.

Mike the Knight DVD: Be a Knight, Do it Right
Mike the Knight DVD: Be a Knight, Do it Right

In this brand-new DVD, Mike sets out to be the best knight he can be as he attempts the mighty challenge of winning three trophies in one day. Mike is confident he can triumph at the games, but when his dragon friends win instead, the knight-in-training tries to meddle with the rules! Mike soon realises that winning is not the most important thing after all when his friends are left unhappy. Aided by his rallying cry ‘be a Knight, do it right’, Mike soon learns to play fair and, with a little chivalry, discovers a surprise reward that is more knightly than any other!

Mike the Knight new DVD “Be a Knight, Do it Right” is as great as the other Mike the Knight episodes that little man watches and loves each and every time. I love the fact that in this DVD little ones can learn to be a Knight and do it right, just like Mike. Little man is 4 at the moment and he is slowly learning that he can’t always win, so it is refreshing to see it teaching that winning is not the most important thing.

It comes a host of chivalrous DVD extras, including a modern-day version of the chivalrous code, a related reward chart and a host of exciting downloadable activities. For more information on Mike the Knight visit or connect with Mike online through Facebook and Twitter.

The product was provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

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