Nickelodeon UK brings the Shellraiser to life for the first time

New Shellraiser Tour, in association with Sky Go, will visit ten Asda locations across the country throughout July

Nickelodeon is bringing the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ vehicle to life, as it announces the first nationwide consumer event with the Turtles brand. The Shellraiser Tour will give thousands of children the opportunity to interact with the property, as the number one boys’ action figure vehicle is made a reality and will visit Asda stores every weekend in July.

Teenage Turtles The five-week tour will allow kids to become a qualified Ninja by completing a ‘Dojo Ninja Experience’ by learning non-contact martial arts moves from film stunt man Mike Shenton, as well as providing the opportunity to trial the Flair action figures and role play sets. Children will also be able to watch swot up on their Turtles knowledge by watching episodes on demand in a Sky Go area.

The life-sized Shellraiser took 62 days to build, involved 19 litres of paint and more than 150 slices of pizza were consumed throughout construction. As well as the dedicated website page tracking the journey, the tour will be supported with an on-air competition for children to win a visit from the Shellraiser to their school.

Please note that while the tour itself is free, the activities will be taking place on a first-come, first-served basis so use your ninja stealth mode and get there early! Details of the tour can be found at

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