Low Cost Family Break Kit for Long Journeys with Kids

We love travelling and together we have been on several family holidays, in the UK from Blackpool to Bognor Regis, and abroad from Cyprus to Brazil.

In my opinion, packing and long journeys are the most stressful part of the holiday, an I’m not alone as one in three also find the journey length stressful.

Whether you are going on a car journey with children on the last days of the Easter holidays or for the May bank holiday, check out those handy tips developed by Butlins and Netmums. The pack of ten low-cost everyday items solves every parent’s journey dilemma and can be easily stored in the car. Each is designed to combat one of the top ten journey irritations, to smooth out the bumps in the drive – dubbed the ‘Family Break (In Case of Emergency) Kit’.  

Low Cost Family Break Kit for Long Journeys with Kids
Low Cost Family Break Kit for Long Journeys with Kids

The top 10 most annoying things a child can do in a car are:

•  Fighting with siblings: Masking tape – mark out each child’s ‘personal space’ in the car, so they know what they can’t cross to annoy each other

•  Complaining they are bored: Rubik’s Cube – it will keep them distracted as it has bright colours and require both hands to operate in unison

•  Kicking the driver’s chair: Simple bath sponge – put it in the pocket behind the chair to lessen the impact!

Crying loudly: Stress ball – it will help alleviate their tension, and doubles up as a fun toy

•  Losing toys under the seat: Ball of string – tie toys, notepads etc together and to the door handle 

•  Needing the bathroom: Journey map – mark out where you are going, with all the stops so they are continually distracted  (and know how long till a bathroom!) 

Singing repetitive songs: Family mix tape – each member gets to pick 5 songs beforehand, which get put on a CD in the car. Everyone’s a winner! 

Being sick: Car Bingo and cat litter – kids feel sick if they look in the car so a game which requires looking out the window will help!  But if not – cat litter will help soak up any smell

Complaining they are hungry: Small pots – putting finger food in small pots keep kids full as they enjoy opening their little parcels and taking longer over snacks.  Also helps with portion control  

•  Undoing seatbelt: Bell and ribbon – tie a double bow round the seatbelt holder, with a bell in it.  You will hear if they try to undo it!

With one in ten parents feeling that the journey sets the tone for the whole holiday – the Family Break (In Case of Emergency) Kit could become essential staycation packing, at least for the one in three parents who admit that the journey is the most stressful part of the holiday experience.

Such a handy long journey kit! We are looking forward to using it on our next long journey!

The product was provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.