Easy Ways to Brighten up Your Kid’s Bedroom

Children love their bedrooms. For most kid’s it is somewhere they can go to play, study, catch up with friends and just generally chill out. Understandably, they want their room to be decorated in a way that they like. Preferably, in a way that reflects their personality and tastes. Because their tastes change every few years you are inevitably going to end up having to redecorate your child’s bedroom every few years.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to freshen things up without your having to spend a fortune or a lot of time to do so. Here are a few of our favorite child’s bedroom decorating ideas. They are all really quick and easy to implement.

Update the bedding

The quickest way to make a big difference is to update your child’s bedding. The bed is by far the biggest element of most bedrooms, so if you change the way that looks you make a big difference to the room. You can find some great kid’s bedding on this page. It takes minutes to brighten up your child´s room in this way.

Change the artwork

The other fast way to change things is to update the photos or artwork that is hanging on your child’s walls. Often, all you need to do is to go online and order something fresh and new. If your child is a little older you could take something they have drawn or painted and take a high-resolution snap of it. You can then upload that photo to one of your devices, enhance the image and send it off to a specialist print firm to be turned into a unique piece of artwork for your child’s room.

If you want to make a more radical difference, you can easily do so by painting the walls in a modern color. Or, if you are short on time, use a couple of large wall stickers, instead. There are plenty available online. Provided you buy the right type they are easy to remove and replace when you want to update your child’s room again.

Install new flooring

Updating the flooring can also help you to change the look and feel of your child’s bedroom. You can do this by buying a couple of rugs or laying some laminate flooring. It is not hard to do this DIY task yourself and you do not need to buy any special tools to get the job done. You can find out how to do it by watching this YouTube video. It goes into a fair bit of detail but is worth watching in its entirety.

Get your child involved

If your child is old enough, it is a good idea to get them involved in redecorating their room. Doing so gives them a chance to express themselves, be creative and start to learn decorating skills that they will be able to use throughout their lives. Getting them involved will help them to appreciate their room more and motivate them to take good care of it.